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Free Internet For Life

Yes, It is true. Ask How?

Here At UnlimitedDataServices we have always had a referral program. Up until now if you refer a customer you'll receive $5.00 a month off your bill for a year. That is a $60.00 dollar savings for just one customer, just think what if I referred more! 

Now, we are offering a bigger, better referral program. If you refer 5 or more New fixed wireless customers to us, and they establish service, you will receive either a $56.60/mo fixed wireless  plan.. There is no expiration date. You just have to maintain at least 5 active referrals in order to have the credit applied towards your account.

Wait There is more, we now offer a bigger and better  referral program to blow the competition away. If you refer 10 or more new fixed wireless customers to us , and they establish a service, you will receive "Free Internet For Life" There is no expiration date. You just have to maintain at least 10 active referrals in order to have credited towards your account.   

Here are the Rules:

1. You Have an active account with UnlimitedDataServices.com

2.  You refer friends and family to UnlimitedDataServices.com, they are installed and receiving fixed wireless service from UnlimitedDataServices.com for 1 month or better.

3. Once you receive 5 referrals your bill will be lowered to affiliate prices!

4.  Once you receive 10 referrals your bill will be lowered to you'll receive Free Internet For Life until one cancels!

5. There will be no money payouts for your referrals only credits towards your next bill.

Thank you for your business and we greatly  appreciate you sending othes to us to fill there online needs. It's our please to have you apart of UnlimitedDataServices Team Thank you!